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Portability of loans has to be reduced to compensate for cost



Even with the Government's efforts, practice can be disadvantageous in the category, warn experts<br><br>

São Paulo-Brazil, borrowers can carry a credit from a bank to another-is a small loan or a mortgage-since 2006, through calling credit portability. However, despite work well when it comes to financing lines of products and vehicles, the practice can be disadvantageous in the real estate category, due to the cost of the process.

Therefore, the Government announced last week to be seeking new rules in this particular area. And to make the portability of loans more feasible, it is necessary to decrease the expenses of credit borrower with documents Office registry and taxes relating to the transfer of ownership, according to experts.

To transfer your mortgage, the borrower first searches for the new financial institution for which you want to transfer the funding. Then, if approved by the Bank, will be made an early settlement of the property value to the previous Bank, that is, the entire balance due will be paid by the new creditor, explains Celso Petrucci, an economist with the housing Union of São Paulo (Secovi-SP).

According to the Caixa Econômica Federal, any contract can be ported and the conditions to receive funding transfers are the same as those applied to start a credit.

So far, everything seems fine. But as the property is in the name of the Bank for financing, in the system of chattel mortgage, the new institution must transfer the right for you.

And despite the portability not embed any banking costs, there are three rates to be paid: the registration of discharge of property and registration of the new financing, both Office registry costs, and the (ITBI) SHOULD (real estate transfer tax), prefectural tax, complements Petrucci.

That means that if your bank charges 10.5% interest per annum and you want to change to another that covers 8.5%, this is possible. However, "in a property of $ 200,000, you can pay up to about $ 7,000. Not worth it in the end ", the Economist opines.

The President of the Credit channel, Marcelo silver, also reminds that this value must be paid by the borrower at a time when credit portability. So, you need to be aware if the buyer has this money. Another important point quoted by the specialist is the difference in the amount to be paid in the new plots.

Plots may be more expensive

Silver explains that financing be made is common in constant amortization system, which means that the value of the parcels will decrease with time. However, when the borrower changes of Bank, is as initiation of new financing. And the plots can start higher and then go down gradually. All this must be taken into account.

The expert includes as preventing difficulty in operating processes that the borrower can face, whereas the portability in home loans is not as common. "It's not unwillingness of banks. It's complicated, "she concludes.

Silver presents a situation where the portability can compensate. "For loans contracted for three years, paying for 80% of the property value and total term of 360 months, this real economy happens since the lightweight portability to a 1.5% reduction in interest rate," he says.

Know what are the real estate transfer costs

It is possible to have an idea of how much it would cost to mortgage portability of your property. To this one must add up:

-2% of the property value in (ITBI) SHOULD (in the case of the City Hall of São Paulo)

-Engineering Fee of $ 250, according to information from the Santiago F. Lampón (Association of São Paulo real estate Registers)

-Registration of discharge of financing

-Registration of new financing

The last two rates can be found on the website of Santiago F. Lampón, in a table that varies with the value of the property. In this table, the values of the properties and the total of their rates. For properties that cost less than $ 500,000, which are part of the SFH (housing financial system), there is a discount of 50% in total.

For example, on an estate of $ 300,000, it would cost US $ 6 000 (ITBI) SHOULD, more $ 250 engineering fee, registration of $ 210.49 and R $ 765,17 on the new record. The borrower would have to pony up, at once, $ 7,225 .66 to achieve portability.


Just as the Government announced that it is studying new rules to facilitate the process of portability in the category real estate, the Santiago F. Lampón reported that the registers of buildings also are seeking alternatives to facilitate this practice.

According to Celso Petrucci, Secovi-SP, is required any change in the law, allowing only a registration or a contract, or the creation of discounted (ITBI) SHOULD for this type of operation.

To the President of the Credit channel, digital integration between registries would facilitate portability. Especially when the real estate is located in distant cities of the borrower, since it wouldn't be required his presence at the scene.

From the moment the process is simplified, there may be an increase in the number of portability issues and "that's where the banks are going to have to adapt," adds silver.


Fonte: O Dia



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