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7 documents that your company must have always up to date



Irregularities in the CNPJ and permits, for example, can lead to the closing of the deal<br><br>

Sao Paulo-the bureaucracy to open a business requires that the entrepreneur is aware of a number of details, documents, records, and rates. However, after consolidated the company, still need to keep an eye on several paperwork.

As the legal adviser of Sebrae-SP, Sandra Fiorentini, there are documents that need to be available to the Supervisory Board. "If the venture is not with all days, can be booked and run the risk of receiving a fine or until the company closed.

According to management professor at ESPM Adriano Gomes, some of these data are specific to the branch of the company. "It depends on the industry to which the company is linked. Those related to cosmetics, for example, will need special licenses in Anvisa. Depending on the type of goods to be marketed, an authorization is required from the army and Federal Police and civilian. "

See what are the documents that can't be absent at any business, since operating licenses to accounting and fiscal documents.

1. Charter

Is the authorization that every company has to work and obey the municipal criteria. "To get the permission, you must verify the location of the estate is settled, for the occupancy, if the plant is regularized by the Town Hall, if the zoning law allows certain activity in the region," explains Sandra.

The permit must be renewed periodically, which also varies in each city – in some the deadline is 1 year, in others, of 2 years. This is resolved by each prefecture. "Without the document, the company may be closed at any time."


The national registry of legal entities is essential and works as a RG. "Without him it is not possible to do anything, not even issuing invoice. In addition, the lack of this document makes it difficult to buy and sell with other companies, "says the consultant. Any debit card open by the Irs, as the absence of income tax of Legal Person, can lead to the suspension or restriction of the CNPJ.

3. State and municipal Registration

Every company of Commerce or industry needs to have a registration with the Secretariat of State farm. In the case of service providers, this registration must be done by the municipality. The reasons that lead to restrictions in this documentation are similar to those of the CNPJ, however, on State and municipal sphere. "Just make an appointment with the local secretariat Web site and check the situation of industry or trade. If there are irregularities, just search the organ to check how remedy the problem, "says the consultant of Sebrae/SP.

4. Annual Social information

The Rais, or Annual Social information, relates to the hiring of people and controls the labor activities in the country. The delivery of the document is mandatory every year, even if there's no signings. The only exception are individual entrepreneurs, who are exempted from the delivery.

The relationship can be sent over the internet, on the website of the Ministry of labor and employment. In case of absence, the company is fined. The rate is calculated by days of delay, taking into account the amount of employees omitted – until 30 days, the value per employee is 4.47 reais, and increases as the time.

5. General Register of employed and unemployed

The Caged, or General Register of employed and unemployed, is the way in which the Ministry of labour control who was fired and admitted. On the site of the organ you can fill out the form. In the event of failure to deliver the document, the entrepreneur needs to justify and is also subject to a fine.

6. Books

Every company must keep documents that record the accounting activities at the site. Are the books, General Ledger, journal entries and exits. How do you explain the professor at ESPM, in first must bear all transactions within the company, such as purchases, sales, payments and receipts. The ledger lists by type of payment (Bank, savings or suppliers) drives. Inputs and outputs relate to stock purchases and sales of products made. "These swings are usually assigned to audits and cannot contradict himself," says Garcia.

7. Guides

Should also be on hand to Guide the FGTS collection (Gefip). She must be delivered monthly and can be filled at the Irs Web site. Simply inform the company data and employee social security contributions generators facts and the amounts owed to SOCIAL SECURITY, as well as the salaries of workers. Another important document is the Security Guide, which proves the annual payment of Union dues Employer and must also be always up to date.


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